Who We Are

Mission Statement

EcoCaptions was born with a bold mission: to provide top-notch closed captioning while saving our planet. With the loss of 30 million acres of rainforest last year alone, joining forces with EcoCaptions means joining the fight against deforestation. Every video minute captioned with us chips away at that devastating number as a percentage of our profits goes straight to Costa Rica rain forest conservation. Our captions are the work of skilled human editors, guaranteeing an impressive 99% accuracy rate. Our team of experts delivers speedy results without ever sacrificing quality.

The EcoCaptions Team

Fame Ketover

  • Owner and cofounder
  • Operations manager
  • Developer
  • Quality assurance
  • Editor

About me:

I was born in Kenya, where my parents had been living during the time of their ethological research on baboons. At 13, we moved to a small town in Costa Rica, where nature became an intricate part of my life. I loved to go out kayaking on the lake and absorb the quiet serenity.

A former professional tennis player and hitting partner to many, including Venus and Serena Williams, I am always learning. I love music and play the piano and guitar, as well as dabble in others. My unquenchable fascination for language has led me to study many languages as well as to deepen my understanding of my native English.

Having a grandmother who was hard of hearing from childhood, I became aware of the world of captioning and the huge disservice that poor-quality captions can have on viewers. Though she is no longer with us, she was a huge inspiration in the founding of EcoCaptions, where we believe that media should be fully accessible to all, without needing to resolve cryptograms to enjoy programming.

Rheannon Ketover

  • Cofounder
  • Sales lead
  • Operations specialist
  • Editor

About me:

A masters-level marine scientist, I lived in Costa Rica from the time I was five. I am greatly passionate about environmental conservation and am so thrilled to be a part of EcoCaptions, where the benfits extend beyond the customer and the viewer to the rain forest.

After becoming a mama, I left my lab job to stay home and raise my daughter. During that time, I launched a wildlife-themed cloth diaper brand to encourage the reduction of waste. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds were donated to various wildlife conservation organizations around the world.

I love to travel to learn about all the incredible cultures around the world, soak in scenic panoramas, and hear people's stories.

I dream of one day runninig a traveling forest school program for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids.

Janet Martz

  • Sales lead
  • Social media manager

About me:

I grew up in the dynamic city of Buenos Aires and was fortunate to travel throughout Latin America at a young age, hooking me on the wonders of biodiversity, culture, and adventure.

Along with my partner of 40+ years, I traveled to Kenya, where we joyfully camped in the bush for two years while studying baboons.

Back in the US, we embarked on different entrepreneurial adventures, including opening what is now a landmark ice-cream/confectionery specialty shop, publishing a local newspaper, and exhibiting our extensive African art collection.

Before long, we got itchy feet and landed in Costa Rica, where I jumped right in. I volunteered at local schools, where, along with community members, we motivated students to get involved in a recycle program, which grew to neighboring towns and raised money for community institutions.

We fell in love with the beautiful Costa Rica rain forest with all its abundant wildlife and were fortunate to find pristine rain forest within 500 acres of rain forest reserve. Educating folks on the benefits and wonders of this habitat brings me great fulfillment.

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