EcoCaptions was founded with the mission of delivering high-quality closed captioning while preserving our ecosystem. Last year alone, around 30 million acres of rain forest were lost. Every minute of video captioned with EcoCaptions helps to diminish that rate with a portion of all proceeds going toward rain forest conservation in Costa Rica.

Our captions are edited by humans to guarantee 99% accuracy. Our team of experts provides a quick turnaround of your projects while ensuring the highest standards in the industry. Aiming to maintain a small carbon footprint, our efficiency benefits our customers with affordable rates.

What we do

What makes us stand out

99% Accuracy

We employ human editors to guarantee that your captions and transcriptions are at least 99% accurate. While other transcription companies rely on computer-generated captions with low accuracy, we have real people going over each one of your files multiple times. This means we can address difficult content (think multiple speakers, foreign accents, technical jargon, et cetera) with high-quality results.

Rain Forest Conservation

When you work with EcoCaptions, you automatically become part of the global effort to protect the ecosystem and habitat loss. A portion of every audio minute processed through our platform goes toward rain forest conservation in Costa Rica. Last year alone, around 30 million acres of rain forest were lost. Rain forests, considered the lungs of the planet, help stabilize the world's climate, are an immense source of food and medicine, and, among other things, protect against floods, droughts, and erosion. As experts warn of the proverbial “tipping point,” our mission is to provide an avenue for everyone to help preserve this vital ecosystem.

Quality Guaranteed

Our process, from thorough hiring applications to in-depth quality assurance checks, guarantees exceptional quality results. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services, excellent customer service, and personal touches.

What we offer

Closed Captioning

High-quality, time-coded captions available in many formats

Open Captions (Burned-in Captions)

Burn captions right into your source media with a variety of styles


All orders automatically include transcripts in your format of choice


Support for captioning in multiple languages


Manage all your files effortlessly

Import / Export

Seamlessly import and export your media


All caption data is stored in an encrypted format


All workers are bound by a non-disclosure agreement

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